Analyzing Study Habits

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Everyone has different study habits that help them remember important information that could be on a test or help them in a real life situation when moving into a job after graduating and receiving a degree. Knowing your learning style is a great way to help you assess your study habits and help you find out the best way to help you study for a test or quiz. Knowing your learning style can help you become better at studying when it is time for a big test. In this paper I will discuss my study habits, learning style, and how well the two match each other.

Depending on whether the class is more of a reading based class like Fundamentals of the Business Enterprise or more of a number based class like College Algebra there are many different ways
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Everyone has a different learning style whether you are a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a tactile learner. I took a quiz on that told me I am a visual learner, “As a visual learner you learn by reading or seeing pictures” ( I could not agree with this statement anymore, I always have to see pictures it helps so much when I am studying and reading things helps me be able to look back and picture what I was reading in my head. I also looked at the other types of learning styles on this website and I have to say some parts of the auditory and tactile learning styles describe me also like reading out loud sometimes to remember things better like an auditory learner or touching and doing like a tactile learner …show more content…
As a visual learner I learn best by reading and looking at pictures, knowing these two main things will help me correct some of my study habits that maybe were not the best to help me prepare for a test or quiz. I had also learned that there are also some traits under the tactile learner and auditory learner that I do that also help me study and learn better. Writing this short paper has helped me reflect and think about what I need to do to help better myself for my future endeavors in school and a future career in the business

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