My Definition Of Classroom Management In Education

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Personal Teaching Theory
Classroom management can mean many different things depending on who you are talking to. I have been working in education for the last four years of my life and I have been in different types of classrooms. I spent one year as a teacher’s aide in a TMD (Teachable Mentally Disabled) classroom and the last three years teaching in a computer lab. With all of that being said, I have found my definition of classroom management. I feel that classroom management is the ability to provide an atmosphere where the students are well-behaved, interested, and abide to all of the expectations of the classroom.
When I implement lessons and ideas into my classroom, I always ask my students what they would like to do in order to keep
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My classroom has rules, routines, and procedures. I am going to start with the daily routine in my classroom. Everyday there will be a bell ringer on the Promethean Board that relates to the current day’s discussion, but forces them to use information on the previous day. All of the students answer the question on the board and save it to their documents. This usually takes up the first five minutes of class. Before we go into the current day’s lesson we have a brief discussion about the bell ringer.
After that we go into the lesson for that day, but at the end of each class students are to turn their individual assessment into me. This procedure is very simple; students are allowed to print their assignments off by rows. One person from each row gathers the assignments from the printer and places them in a designated area in the front of the classroom at the end of class on their way out of the classroom. This also makes my classroom a safer place because there are not as many students standing around getting in each other’s way.
Now for the rules, my classroom only has four rules. These rules are very simple, but cover many other rules that most teachers have in their classrooms. I wanted the rules to be simple, so students will not have a hard time remembering them and making excuses on why they are not following the rules. Those rules include;
• Be Prepared For
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Like all things in life there are a few hiccups here and there. I would like to think that the classroom is well organized and structured so students could have the best environment possible to learn. Throughout the class students stay on task and work diligently. It is the job of the teacher to get the best out of students. She expects all of her students to reach their full potential and all of her students know that she is going to push them in order to get their best for each assignment. Unfortunately, the classroom does have a few distractions. There are classes where several of the students have IEPs (Individualized Educational Programs) and they tend to disrupt class at times. Some of them have fast passes, which allows them to leave class when they become upset or have anxiety attacks. The classroom is a computer lab, so there is not space to do many activities that require plenty of room, but each computer serves as a workstation which makes other types of group assignments easy and less

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