My Decision For A College Freshman Essay

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I want to move to Oregon because my situation in California is not what I prefer it is not quiet nor is it secluded as much as I want it just isn’t the place I would spend the rest of my life.My main issue with moving to Oregon is that I am disabled and also money is an issue.I do not know how I will get around in Oregon and also I am not capable to do very many jobs for a college freshman because a lot of jobs that I read or try to apply to will not accept me due to my inability to walk carry and lift objects. Another situation that I need to address is when I can move to Oregon,I need to put several situations into account. I need to figure out how I can receive money and I need to figure out when I am going to leave lbcc to go to a four year college.As of this moment in time I do not know what I will do with these situations I am presented with.

How I made my decision was very rational, but also impulsive,one day me and my friend were sitting at a diner and we started to discuss how my 11th grade year was going so I told him it was going very well and I mentioned that I was getting straight A’s and that I was trying to turn a new leaf and keep my grades at a high percent. My friend laughed and said” I wonder how long you will keep that up” and I thought to myself later that day that he was right, I had no real motivation to keep my grades up so I was thinking about what I could do to keep my grades to the standards that I had them up at the beginning of the year and…

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