Personal Narrative: A Hot Day

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It was a sunny, melting hot day where stepping outside felt like walking into a dessert with no ed. But it was my last day so I had to make the best of it. I got ready and drove to pick up my boyfriend and spend some time with him before we said our goodbyes. Driving felt eternal, like I would never get to his house and that time would fly bye. When I First saw him we locked eyes and knew that it would be and emotional day. Driving back home was the most fun we had ever had. We enjoyed every second of it from singing at the top of our lungs to punching each other for every buggy we saw on the road. We stopped by our favorite ice cream and enjoyed our last date for a while. As the bright yellow sun began to hide we drove back home were my loving, caring family surprised me with a goodbye pizza party. We chatted and enjoyed our pizza until it was time to go. We all dreaded this moment and wished …show more content…
I looked at my Tia Lena as she gave me her blessing and gave me a hug so tight that would last forever. My older cousin expressed his feeling which was surprising since he never did. He gave me a big hug and said “make us proud prima, go big or go home” I gathered my belongings and drove back home. The time had come to also say goodbye to my boyfriend, I had been praying that for some magical reason things would change and I wouldn’t have to say goodbye. We ordered his Uber, luckily it arrived quickly that it gave me no time to cry. Saying goodbye to my friends and family wasn’t the hardest thing, it was just preparing me for the challenge.

Wednesday morning August 9,2016 was the day that I started my journey. I was afraid to wake up, I tried to force myself to keep my eyes shut so that I didn’t have to wake up to realty, the reality of moving out. My mother walked into my room

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