My Classroom And School Environment Essay

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After going through the checklist I found many strengths and a few weakens to my classroom and school environment. One of my strengths is providing a safe and welcoming learning environment. I do this two ways first is creating a welcoming physical environment and second is providing procedures and routines to create stability. I create a welcoming physical learning environment by creating a class theme to decorate my room. This year I my theme was Monsters Inc and our class theme is “Learning opens new doors”. I like to have a class theme because I can refer to it through the year and it is a fun way to motivate students. I also have words of encouragement placed on my walls and student work displayed. These things helps to boost students’ confidence and make them feel welcome in the room. I also display age and content appropriate materials for social studies. I change my social studies board for each unit, the board contain visual like pictures, timelines, and charts. I feel that this assists my students in learning the content, this is also very helpful for visual learners. Students sit in groups of 4-5, I like to pre-group my students because it takes away the anxiety of having to find a partner or group. This also helps me to save precious minutes in during class period and students are able to get directly to group work or discussion. The second way that I create a welcoming learning environment is by creating stability with routines and procedures. My school has…

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