My Change In My Life

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I have not always been a Christian I have not always been a Christian; I was raised in a strict Irish Catholic home. I was baptized as an infant, received my first communion when I was 6 years old and my confirmation at 16 years old. We went to church faithfully as a family every week. However, in my heart I knew something was missing. I had no comprehension on who Jesus was and had no personal relationship with Him. I was empty inside and I was lost. I had lost all faith in God after numerous deployments to the Middle East as a Medic in the Army. I drank continuously to numb my physical and mental pain. I was medically retired from being injured down range after 10 years of service. I had a beautiful wife and five wonderful children. …show more content…
I used to be an angry, self-centered person who was quick to speak my mind and tried to force my views onto others. I wasn’t sincere and I lacked compassion but Jesus changed all of that. My heart became softened. It started to be transformed. It didn’t happen all at once for me, it was a process that started with prayer. I turned to God on a daily basis, I began to memorize His Word, petitioning the Lord with prayer, looking for ways to bless God and others. I found my heart being drawn into the heart of Christ. I made Christ feel at home in my heart, after all He is the rightful owner of my heart and it is through faith Christ dwells in our hearts.

May I share how something like this can happen to you?
May I share how something like this can happen to you? If God could extend his hand of mercy upon me despite all my sins he can do it for you. We think we have to change, grow and be good in order to be loved. But rather we are loved and we receive God’s grace so we can change, grow and be good. You can walk through this world unstained because in Christ we are clean, and when we do sin, Jesus will gladly clean you. Jesus will give you His righteousness. He will walk with you. He will never leave you, nor forsake you we you confess our sins. Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us of all our unrighteousness. This is great news for all of us. In Christ we are clean and the only way to walk through this life unstained is to walk with

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