Essay about My Career As A Career Choice

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“What career to choose when there are so many things that interest me?” I would always ask myself this since I wanted to do and be everything. I became very indecisive because of all the potential there was. I figured I had to be a little more realistic, so I decided to choose my top three careers and then go from there. My top three career choices are to be a teacher, an actress, and a cinematographer. Becoming a teacher has always been something I’ve kept in mind for a career choice because teaching will always be necessary, and teaching is something I feel I would enjoy doing. My parents have always instilled the importance of having an education. School always came first. As I grew up I realized how crucial an education was in order to succeed in life as well as for security. Moreover, education will always be needed and therefore teachers will be too. I highly doubt there will ever be a time when someone will say “No more need for teaching!” If there ever is a time it is not needed then the human race is probably no longer the human race… In addition, I’ve always liked teaching. Having a twin sister helped me discover my love for it. For instance, when my sister didn’t understand something that I knew very well, I would sit down with her and teach her until she got it--which was very satisfying. I love the feeling I get after whoever I am helping understands something they didn’t a few minutes before I helped. On the other hand, I also love the art of acting, and…

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