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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business
Chipotle is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all of our activities and compliance with both the letter and spirit of the law. We expect that you will reflect these standards in your day-to-day dealings on our behalf. This Code of Conduct is for all employees, Officers, and all members of the Board of Directors. It is a guide to ethical behavior. Chipotle has an “open door” policy with respect to any concern relating to compliance with the Code of Conduct and other Company policies, and no person will be subject to disciplinary or other retaliatory action by raising any concern in good faith..

Definition of the Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct includes this introductory
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Distribution of the Code Any questions or issues in relation to the Code of Conduct should be communicated to the People Support Department. Members of the Board of Directors and Officers should communicate any questions or issues to Chipotle’s General Counsel.

Integrity Statement

Chipotle’s Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Policy Chipotle is a company based on integrity. Integrity is about being real and being honest. It means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. These values permeate the way we do, and do not do, business.

You are expected to use good judgment, adhere to high ethical standards, and avoid situations that create an actual or perceived conflict between your personal interests and those of Chipotle. Chipotle requires that the transactions you participate in are ethical and within the law, both in letter and in spirit. When in doubt, consult with your Manager/Director or the People Support Department (Officers and members of the Board of Directors should consult with Chipotle’s General Counsel). They will determine if a conflict exists and establish controls to prevent abuse or, if such control is not feasible, they may require that you

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