My Best Friend, Kyla For Years Essay

2002 Words Oct 11th, 2015 9 Pages
I’ve been friends with my best friend, Kyla for years. Ever since I met her the first day of sixth grade I knew I’d enjoy having her around. When I found out that I was leaving the island of Guam I was really sad. The sadness only stemmed from the fact that I was leaving my very best friend. I’d live in Guam for just about four years and I was ready to live somewhere new. When I broke the news to Kyla she took it very well. Both of our dads are in the military so, moving was normal for us. We promised that would spend as much time together until I left. “You better not find a new best friend in Massachusetts or I’ll kill them” Kyla joked I smiled back to her and said “I would never!” Kyla’s personality is a lot different from mine. We are practically opposites, which explains why we get along so well. We balance each other out. At times she can be very impetuous (hence why she made the killing joke).For me, I can’t do things unless I think them through first. Kyla is also very loud, funny, friendly and understanding. I’m very reserved at times but she brings out my fun side. It would be impossible to find anyone to replace her and I wouldn’t dare trying. I was leaving June and at the time it was only April. Kyla and I spent a lot of time together. It was like we lived together. Randomly one day Kyla told me she had an Idea.
“I have an Idea!” Kyla shouted as we sat on my bedroom floor.
Kyla’s eyebrows were raised as she shot up so, I knew she…

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