What Are The Stereotypes Of African Americans?

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Over the years, racism has been terrorizing many minorities in the United States. Many white people feel they are the superior race and everybody else is beneath them.

Young black males have been stereotyped as criminals and hoodlums, in which many have been killed off of assumptions and not actually facts or proof of being a threat to somebody. For example, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and many other African Americans have been accused of being a threat to people for no apparent reason. In which has resulted in death.

Many minorities get harassed everyday and are not getting the justice they deserve, that has to end now. Minorities have been racially profiled a lot, and many people are targeting them based on their skin color.

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Well, during the Thanksgiving holiday, I, Austin Tuck was racially profiled while out to eat with my family.

Usually my mom, Tammy Tuck, would cook me and my family dinner during the holiday but we had a change of heart this time around. So me and my family, who consisted of Alexis Williams (sister), Dylan Blalock (brother) Timothy Addison (uncle), Keith Nixon(step-father), Frederick Tuck Sr. & Jr. ( grandfather & uncle), Betty Tuck (grandmother), and Tammy Tuck (mother), all decided to go to Ruth Chris(9th Street NW, DC).

Ruth Chris is an upscale restaurant and is considered it being one of the finest in the world. It gets many recognition from famous people and hip/hop artist around the world. In with many people familiar with the restaurant knows, they are very great with customer service and knows how to treat customers during ever person experience with the restaurant. Me and my family attend Ruth Chris frequently and spend a lot of money in there restaurant, in actuality I showcased my high school graduation dinner
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Well towards the end of our dinner, I took my little brother to the bathroom to watch over him well as he was done, he left and I continued to stay in, knowing that I had to use the bathroom. Actually I had to perform a fecal matter which takes a longer time then just peeing.

Being a young adult who spends a lot of my phone, while performing the action I tend to check my phone, text msgs, and social media. Well during the process I notice numerous people coming in the restroom while in the stall. At the end of the process, after washing hands and fixing myself, I notice while walking out the door, 3 gentlemen are standing close by the door.

The was asked by the manager, Jeff King, "What were you doing in the bathroom?"

Me being who I am, I was surprised why he asked and laughed and said using the restroom. Then he proceeds to say, that somebody came to him and said, "I was smoking marijuana in the bathroom." My reaction was stunning because I 'm thinking its a joke and I 'm being punk 'd or something. Although the joke was on me and he was being very serious and he asked me to leave the restaurant. Me being me i still was laughing at the manager and proceeded to sit with my family and go on with the

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