My Beliefs, Sturpose, And Strengths Of God

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Human beings are intricately unique and deeply loved by God. Psalm 139:13-14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; I know that full well.” God has blessed me, personally, with strengths which define my meaning and purpose. These strengths are tools that I will use best when I follow God’s will for my life. My top five strengths are belief, input, achiever, responsibility, and restorative. As I continue to pursue God’s will, these strengths will equip me to carry out the divine purpose, vision and direction of my life. I am very grateful and encouraged with the strengths that God has provided me. My top strength is Belief. I’m very proud of this strength because I believe it is very important to live my life based on the morals and beliefs of the Bible. I view my life through the lens of belief which allows me to discern what is right and wrong. My second strength is Input. I was most surprised about this strength because I did not understand how …show more content…
God’s Will is different for many, yet at the core, identical for all. I believe that God’s will for all of His sons and daughters is to give glory to the One True God and serve others with our lives. Yet beyond His overall purpose, I believe God created every man and woman unique and different than any other human. Personally, I believe that my meaning and purpose here on earth is to use my strengths to show others the love of Christ. In order to do that, God has blessed me with passions as well as strengths. I am able to use baseball to reach other peers in order to love them and in result, tell them about Christ. As well as baseball, I have a strong passion for ministry. I love the local church and incorporating myself in the leadership of the youth group. I believe that both my strengths and passions give me practical meaning and purpose that I can use to glorify God and serve

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