My Beliefs And Thoughts About The Practice Of Counseling Essay examples

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My beliefs and thoughts about the practice of counseling have been strengthened in many ways. During my undergraduate experience, some instructors told me that I could not pick an eclectic approach or tell people that I am eclectic when I treat clients. I always assumed it was because each approach was so severally different that taking bits and pieces from each theoretical approach could make the process confusing. The most confusion would arise in choosing which of the client’s issues to target and how to go about working through those problems. I thought that there were so many useful concepts in each approach why only stick to one.
Through the quarter, I have noticed many similarities in the various approaches. Similarities between humanistic, cognitive-behavioral and gestalt include working with what is going in the conscious mind, on the here and now. In humanistic and psychodynamic, those approaches both use a concept of the self and how these issues affect the self. The main concepts that all of these approaches do have in common is that they encourage some amount of empathy and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Each theory has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nearing the end of the end of the quarter, I realized that I need to use less of all-encompassing approach to each client’s unique problems but to use the approach that is most beneficial to the client and what the counselor is more comfortable using. I am given the freedom to choose…

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