My Accomplishments And Accomplishments Of My Life Essay

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I’m proud to say and declare God as my everything, my one, and only savior. Through my short lifetime, I’m proud to say that I have made it this far because His holy grace alights over me and my life, all my success, victories, achievements, and accomplishments are because of Him. God save me and my family from the darkness, He amended my parents’ marriage that was about to end, He freed me from an aimlessly future but of bad self-teem and lack of love. Every day I see God through the simplest things in my life, I have been a witness of the big wonders, miracles, and grandeur of God. Many things lead me to the decision that I not only want to give my adolescence for his service, but also I want to offer my life to be a utensil used for His cause. As I decided to honor God with my life, I decided that my career will be also used for His service. For many years I have been hearing God’s voice calling me for the nations, filling me with the call to become a missionary, and the best tool to use as a way to share the Gospel is through health-related careers. I want to become a nurse to reach the nations through health services. My motivation to continue my studies and fulfill my career is the love for the lost souls, there are billions and billions of people blind in the darkness and my labor as a daughter of God is to share His true love, compassion, and forgiveness.
I’m totally conscious that to become a missionary I need to be highly prepared not only physically but mainly…

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