Mustafa Hatipler's: Development Economics And Education

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Several years back it was only for the privileged, but nowadays millions strive to complete their education. Whether it is because of society or family members, many feel pressure to reach certain expectations and obtain a decent degree. Many work hard to get the education they need, the type of education that secures a successful future and that could one day be capable of supporting a family. No matter what the story behind every student is or what drives them, earning a degree never harmed anybody. If anything it empowers humans to set higher goals that require hard work and dedication, the characteristics that build a powerful person. However, besides all of the personal pleasures and satisfactions that graduating with a degree brings to many individuals, it also leads to a nation filled with wiser citizens and a healthier economic platform. Some of the most remarkable life changing moments in history were due to educated begins who were thirsty for knowledge, questioned anything and everything, who dived into curiosity, and who increased the country’s worth. What many do not realize is the richness that education delivers to an economy. Author Mustafa Hatipler, in his article "Development Economics and …show more content…
Education truly is the root of our economy, yet alone the root for everything in society, without education there would not be brains that are capable of exploring and discovering entities that build phenomenal objects nor participate in the demand and supply of the country that enables currency to float through it. It also gives the country a fighting chance of staying out of a recession. This is why countries spend fortunes on education each year, because the government and economists have studied the effect of education on the economy’s

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