Music And Its Effects On Children Essay

2021 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Music Being Played In Classroom Settings Music has been around since the dawn of man. It has been used as a way of communication, expression, and as a way to change the mood of situations. Music, specifically classical, also helps with development of the human brain and body. This is because music is a powerful tool which is used in people’s daily lives, but it seems that music is not being used to it’s full potential. Music should be played in classrooms and similar classroom settings to help with learning and educational development in children. Children are learning and developing their minds until the age of twenty-five and during the years to twenty-five they are in school learning how to calculate equations, read a book, and the history of their country. To help the children and make a classroom a better place for learning, music can be played in the background to help children focus and learn more than usual. According to Eugenia Papaioannou, music is an important tool that assists with the brain development, emotional regulation, sustainability of memory, and aids learning. Music can have several learning effects on children of all ages. Music, one of the joys of life, can be one of the joys of learning as well. It establishes a positive learning state for kids creating a desired atmosphere which builds a sense of anticipation to learn. Listening to music in the classroom or while studying will change brain waves states which equates to better concentration,…

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