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In my practicum placement, my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Buttino, was the epitome of an effective teacher. She displayed many of the characteristics of an effective teacher. The characteristics that were shown by my teacher in her classroom that stood out to me are her characteristics of caring and high expectations, scaffolding, classroom management, and extensive instruction. Being able to see these characteristics in action demonstrated how I can conduct myself in an effective way for my future students. A teacher that is caring and that has high expectations for his or her students is a teacher that believes in his or her students. When a teacher hold their students to high expectations, the students know that they need to work hard in …show more content…
Teachers implement strategies at the beginning of the year so students can follow a routine and know what certain things mean. For example, Mrs. Buttino uses a variety of classroom management strategies with her students. Simple phrases such as, “fix it”, “take a break”, and “try again” are said by Mrs. Buttino to her students. When these phrases are said to a student, the student immediately knows what the teacher wants them to do. When Mrs. Buttino asks a student to “fix it”, she is asking the student to fix his or her behavior without calling them out in front of the class. Because she instilled these tactics in her students at the beginning of the year, when I began my practicum the students reacted immediately to her verbal cues. Mrs. Buttino asks her students to “take a break” when their behavior was asked to be fixed more than a few times. This break allows the students to regulate their own behavior and return to the class when they are ready to learn again. Mrs. Buttino, along with the rest of the Eastwood Elementary teachers, uses positive language towards her students. Even if a student is exhibiting unwanted behavior, Mrs. Buttino comments on what the student is doing well. Always using positive language is something that is very important when communicating with

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