How To Write A Reflective Essay On What I Learned From The Classroom

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I feel that the lessons and experience that I received during my Internship I course was instrumental in my development as a classroom teacher. I will honestly say that when I was told that I would be interning in a fifth grade class, I was more than a little apprehensive due to the fact that I have been in mostly lower grades. I was under the impression that the fifth graders would be harder to manage. I believe that I was placed in the perfect class to allow for the most growth and understanding. Under Mr. Shealy’s guidance and coaching, my view on teaching has grown. During my first day in the classroom, I began to understand the importance of setting expectations and following through with accountability to hold students responsible for …show more content…
The core classes concentrate on the importance of each subject area like reading, math, science and writing but they did not teach us how to manage the students. After speaking with my coaching teacher and the other teachers that are part of the fifth grade team, I believe that class management is one of the most important aspect to maintaining a good learning environment. I found that if certain class management issues were not handled during the first few days of school, these issues would grow to be more difficult to handle later. One teacher specifically told me that she began the year with a relaxed attitude, but found out that students began to take advantage of that. She has recently tried to change her teaching style, but she said that it is much harder to get tougher as the year moves on than it is to ease up. My preconception was that the students would adjust as the teacher made changes, but now I see that this is not the case. This has taught me that I must convey my expectations in a clear manner from the first day forward. As my coaching teacher has shared with me, this needs to be done continuously because your current students aren’t the only ones watching and paying attention to you. You may have future students making decisions on what type of teacher you are years before they get into your

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