Mr. Hart 's Long Dragged Motivational Speech Essay

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It was one of the most awaited days by the basketball team of Xavier High school. It was the day of the District championship between my school, Xavier High school, and Doon International. The championship would serve as a stepping stone towards the state championship and to the title of " The Conquerors". I was confident that we would soon be holding the trophy in our hands and it wouldn 't be long before the crowd was chanting one name- my name. Gurneet! Gurneet! Gurneet!
I could hear my coach giving a pep talk to all the other members of the team, but I just sat in the corner ignoring every word- not out of disrespect or anything, but because it was always the same old talk, “Play as a team,” or “Winning or losing doesn 't really mean anything just give it your best.” Winning does mean everything, I thought. I didn 't find much inspiration in Mr. Hart’s long dragged motivational speech. And I really did not need it, I knew I had this in the bag. After all, I was the best player on the team. From the corner of my eye I saw the tense faces of my teammates and chuckled to myself and thought, We have nothing to worry about, there is nothing that is going to stop me from winning this match. I had it all planned out in my head, I was going to take this win. I could feel the anxiety that was residing in my teammates, but all I could do was fantasize about the trophy. And then it was time. We lined up, with me at the end of the line. I was team captain, the best team captain,…

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