Movie Report : ' Hey Mum ' Essay

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Hey mum..." Ruby cooed. Recognizing her daughter 's tone, Ruby’s mother hurried towards the plaza car park.
“Mum!” Ruby repeated louder, resulting in the attention of several nearby mothers, none of them Ruby 's. "ANNE!" Ruby boomed, a more appropriate form of attention when it was 4:45pm at Northcote Plaza on a school evening.
“Yes, sweetheart?” Anne replied, slowly reaching for her tantrum decoy - a chocolate paddle pop - in the hope to bribe her strong willed daughter out of the pet shop. A tall cage housing a blob of sleeping kittens stood at the front of the store and was surrounded by school kids, all straining their fingers to get a stroke of fur.
Ruby had pushed her way to the front. “Come look at this cute kitty, he really likes me!” Her hair, tied in a loose ponytail, was being forced through the bars by her chubby, swollen fingers. A dark gray kitten was sitting with its back to her, not enjoying nor minding the attention. Ruby 's ponytail tip prodded its hind legs.
Anne shifted the weight of the shopping bags in each of her hands. She cursed herself for parking in the eastern lot and hurried towards her daughter, stopping where the tiling of the plaza met the stained carpet of the pet shop.
"Cute, she looks just like Jenny 's cat, don 't you think?" Anne asked, hoping a different train of thought might distract her daughter into walking.
"Not really, this one 's way cuter.”
"Hey, I 've got an ice cream for you! Let me see if I can find it..." Anne said,…

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