Movie Report : Bam, Dino, And Yogi Essay examples

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Bam, Quay, Dino, and Yogi rode through the city for hours searching for the Hurst and eventually they gave up in order to get some rest. Intoxicated and tired, Bam drove everyone to the apartment and that’s where they crashed until the sun rose. Nessa and Olivia had stayed up worried sick about them and finally they could put their mind at rest. Now, for a chance, everyone in the house had finally fallen asleep. Nessa slept on the lounge chair as usual. Quay, Yogi, and Dino fell asleep on the floor. Bam and Olivia went into the bedroom. When they entered inside Olivia got under the covers. Bam lay on top of them. “What you still doing up, Shaudy?” he asked her.
“I was waiting to see if you were alright,” she remarked.
“Oh so you care about a nigga. Right?”
“Yeah you straight,” she said softly dragging her thumb across his chin, staring him deep in the eyes. “Not only that though, but I wanted to tell you that it’s my birthday.”
“Damn Lil Buddy, happy birthday,” he told her. “So you telling me that you nineteen now.”
“No. I’m just telling you that it’s my birthday.”
“How come you didn’t say nothing before now? I could’ve bought ya something.”
“I don’t know. I guess I just didn’t think of it with all that’s been going on up until now. I was thinking it could wait.”
“Okay so when I get through handling this business with Bruh, I can show ya how to stunt again. Bet?”
“That’s a bet,” she yawned.
“You tired, Sexy. Gone and get ya beauty sleep.” Lying behind him, she turned over.…

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