Movie Analysis : Remember The Titans Essay

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Media has infiltrated every aspect of everyday life. Society turns to mass media for the news, to enjoy a movie, listen to music, or watch a TV show. But these various forms of media are not solely for entertainment. Instead, media texts reproduce and circulate a variety of ideologies. Croteau and Hoynes assert that an ideology is a system of meaning that helps define the world while also making value judgments about that world (152). In the film Remember the Titans, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin in 2000, Bruckheimer and Yakin impart three major ideologies: racism is unacceptable, the power of respect and a common goal in overcoming racism and reversing stereotypical gender roles. Remember the Titans is an American sports drama film set in the 1970s and follows a high school football team as the end of segregation results in the integration of African Americans into a previously all white school. Tensions arise as racism threatens the success of the new football team and the unity of the town. One of the dominant ideologies imparted in the film is the ability of respect and a common goal to help eliminate racism on the football team and in the town. The film’s producer enters into a sort of culture war, where the film’s plot revolves around a fundamental issue of morality: racial prejudice (Croteau and Hoynes 155). In analyzing the film, it is apparent that the producer focused on the immoral nature of the world during the 1970s when segregation…

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