Motivational Methods Paper

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Motivational Methods Paper
Motivation is a key element in the workplace and it is very important to know the basic theory methods and application because it is something that is unavoidable for all of us and will come up in any workplace environment. It is a necessary skill for a future manager or leader to know how to motivate other people in order to work more efficient. Though this project I have become familiar with the subject and realize the importance of motivation. Executive Summary
Motivating employees is a key issue for all managers. In order to achieve a higher level of performance and productivity, managers today are inclined to pay more attention on this issue. Different employees need different types of
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Another important theory is Alderfer’s ERG theory. Alderfer modified Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by collapsing the five needs into three and they are: existence needs, relatedness needs, and growth needs. Existence needs is a basic survival need that everyone must satisfy to maintain life. Relatedness need helps people into interpersonal contact for social emotional acceptance, caring and status. Growth needs involves a personal development and a sense of self-worth.
Herzberg’s theory of motivation is different form the other motivational theories. After many years of research, he concluded that there were two kinds of factors in jobs and they are: hygiene and motivation. The motivation-hygiene model is based on the idea that one set of job characteristics determine the degrees of positive satisfaction or motivation. The hygiene factors involve the context in which the work is performed. It includes company policy and administration job security; and working conditions. Herxberg’s findings suggested that if these conditions were poor, they could lead the employees to withdrawal from the job. The conditions surrounding the job must be adequate before a person in motivated to work, but there are other factors as well. This proves that in order for employees to perform well in a company, the working conditions must be satisfactory.
When the working condition is good, it not only encourages a healthy working

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