Most Important Paper

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The Most Important Paper There is one thing that all people have in common: the need to empty their bowels. This process is a very personal matter for many people; most prefer to use the lavatory in the comfort of their own homes, but this is not always possible. People expect a sanitary, comfortable environment in which to use the restroom. They want to have interesting magazines at their disposal, a plunger nearby, anti-bacterial soap, and a fragrant aerosol spray. People could survive without these things; however, what they cannot live without is toilet paper. When latrine users walk into a restroom, sit on the loo, do their business, and realize there is no toilet paper, panic begins. Their worst nightmare has just become …show more content…
Their underwear will stick to any feces still present on their anuses. Upon sitting there for some time, it will begin to irritate the skin. Cells on the first few layers of the skin will slough off and leave a diaper rash, causing the person to be unable to sit and making it difficult to walk. For females, if they do not wipe after urinating, it will result in a urinary tract infection. Since urine is also acidic, it will leave a rash on the skin if left there. The underwear will also be uncomfortable to wear all day because the moisture will seep through. Another problem that results from a deficiency of toilet paper is foul odor, which will lead to a lack of friends. If restroom users are unable to wipe themselves for a long period of time, they will develop a repugnant smell that will linger on their bodies. After a while, if they are unable to clean themselves properly, they may become used to their own stench and unaware that they have an odor. If their friends are too embarrassed to tell them that they need a bath and decide to just stop talking to them, the unhygienic restroom users may have an emotional meltdown. They may try to solve their feeling of isolation by using a psychiatrist, but this will lead to expensive therapy bills. The emotionally unstable people will then go into debt, and since they cannot afford the psychiatrist, they may commit suicide. People may

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