Morton Combs Athletic Complex Analysis

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The Morton Combs Athletic Complex is in dire need of improvements. The primary improvement that needs to be made, is the lack of air conditioning. The Knott Central Gym is an important place not only to the school, but to athletes, as well as the community. The students of Knott Central service this gym daily for physical education and weightlifting. Athletes, such as myself, use this gym almost every day for a game, practice, or conditioning. The community also uses this gym often, especially during basketball season. People from Knott County and the surrounding counties come to this gym for not only sporting events, but for yard sales, meetings, and community events. Considering this place is used by so many people, improvements to the athletic complex should be made. The first improvement that should be made is to install an air conditioning system. The Gym is used by athletes year-round; the lack of air conditioning really takes a toll on athletes during games and practices. I play volleyball and a few times this year we have had to cancel practices or games simply because the gym was too hot. There are many times when the gym has been almost at the max heat index for athletes to play in (104) and the athletes are still playing because it is not at the temperature required to quit. I know from experience how hot the gym can get. This past …show more content…
I have hosted a lot of yard sales and Knott Central’s Gym and usually a lot of community members attend. My team hosts these yard sales in the summer and when people visit us, they just want to come into the cool, out of the heat of the summer day, but the temperature is only a few degrees cooler. A few years ago, a man from Kentucky, who had been on American Idol, Jimmy Rose, came to the Morton Combs Athletic Complex to meet some people and perform. Once again, the lack of air conditioning was a problem and was uncomfortable for those who

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