Montessori Vs. Traditional Education Essay example

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Montessori vs. Traditional Education When a child is brought into the world, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that child receives the best care possible. From infancy to the elusive first day of school, parents strive to formulate the right decisions for their child which includes their education. Education is a key part of a person’s emotional and mental development. While most parents assume there are only two options when it comes to schools, public or private, a third option exists, Montessori. In recent years, Montessori schools have increased in popularity and more parents are opting to send their child to one opposed to a public school. There are many similarities between traditional (public or private schooling) and Montessori education, but the differences can attest that Montessori education can better prepare a child for a well rounded future. Accordingly, Montessori schools and traditional education are dissimilar in styles of teaching but they both have the same goal in mind. In regards to education, their philosophies are to create a competent, well rounded citizen. As stated in “Individual Work”, a study on the Montessori Method and history, Montessori methods use “auto-education” which means, “children worked not collectively, but by themselves, and not under the direction of the teacher, but under the discipline and direction of the pedagogic material.” (Brehony 4) This generates an additionally active environment, which allows a…

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