Montessori As An Approach For The Young Children Essay

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As a parent, I was interested in different educational approaches for my children and I had a hard time to decide which education is better for them. As a mother of two toddlers I was particularly interesting in teaching methods for younger children and one of them that I stumble upon was a Montessori education. It’s existed for almost a 100 years and very famous in this day and after educating myself about it, I immediately fell in love in Montessori education. However, after dipper research I came out with serious reservations about Educational method of Maria Montessori as an approach for the young children.
Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She was Italian educator and philosopher, who organized the International Montessori Association in 1929. First, Maria Montessori began to apply her pedagogy knowledge for special needs children and for children with delayed mental development, but later she began to teach the normal children. The concept of Montessori often called a free education, based on the principle of the natural development of the child. Montessori believes that properly prepared environment gives the child an opportunity to gradually, step by step, get rid of adult care, to become independent from it. In Montessori schools, as I read, the teachers are not creating a genius from the child, they just trying to help him develop individuality. For example, if a child closes buttons on the jacket, or tying shoelaces, or watering the flowers without…

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