Modern Society And Its Impact On The Modern World Essay

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Communities demonstrate a very significant part to radicalization in the contemporary societies. A society which compels citizens to actively engage in volunteer services in order to fulfill their civil responsibilities. However, in the urgency to respond to such expectations, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally terrorism and radicalization take the lime light. A very little empirical study has been critically evaluated to understand the reflection of such community engagement in the modern world (Crawford, 1997). In communities like UK and USA, social problems like crime, terrorism, and radicalization have always been categorized as a voluntary attempt (Prior et al., 2006). Researchers have shown that in the current modern setting, it the state instability which is the greatest determining factor for terrorism (Piazza, 2007). Worldwide terrorism attaches mostly occur due to the weakened and failed systems in countries (LaFree et al. 2010). Gelfand et al., (2011) indentified the two main differentiating cultural boundaries : ‘tight’ with strong ethics and low tolerance to varying behavior and ‘loose’ which has higher tolerance to the deviant behavior. The tighter cultures are more prone to autocratic governments as compared to the loose cultures which are more open to media and collaborations Gelfand et al., 2011). With this comes a high significance of what criteria’s contribute to radicalization and terrorism and which don’t.

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