Modern Rewards From The Civil War Essay

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Modern Rewards from the Civil War
Many of us would agree the events leading up to, surrounding and even following the civil war were a dark time for the United States. As we struggled to become a country, independent from the strangle hold of England, Americans would journey down a path of discovery and growth leading us to what we are today. At the forefront of learning opportunities would be the individual and state rights. These two very important issues were key in starting the civil war and are still being debated, discussed and changed today. As we continue to grow as humans, learn respect for one another and strive for equal and fair treatment of each other, the civil war should be something we continually reflect on. By the right of being an American citizen, and as declared in the constitution, each person will have certain individual freedoms that should not be taken away by anyone. Many of the freedoms we have today were tested, defined and even rewritten as a result of the United States Civil War.
Civil War
In the harbor surrounding Fort Sumter, Confederate forces began bombarding the last Union military outpost still located in Southern territory. After continuous bombing of Fort Sumter for 34 hours, Major Robert Anderson would surrender his command to the Confederate Army. Ironically, there was not a single casualty during this attack. This event took place at 4:30a.m. on April 12 in 1861 and is described by many as the event that started the civil…

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