Essay about Mod 2 Annotated nursing bibs

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Annotated Bibliographies
Elizabeth Young
Professional Issues and Leadership in Contemporary Nursing
Prof. Jill Borgos
February 10, 2015

Davies, A., Wong, C.A., & Laschinger, H. (2011). Nurses’ participation in personal knowledge transfer: The role of leader-member exchange (LMX) and structural empowerment. Journal of Nursing Management, 19(5), 632-643.

The purpose of the study as stated in the abstract was to test Kanter’s theory by examining relationships among structural empowerment, leader-member exchange (LMX) quality and nurses’ participation in personal knowledge transfer activities. The article demonstrates utilization of Kanter’s theory of structural empowerment will enhance morale within the work
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It is relevant as it is absolutely necessary to have a healthy work environment. Figure 3 demonstrates the outcomes are related to people quality and finance. “Healthy work environments, guided by authentic leaders, produce superior outcomes for both staff nurses and patients.” As the conclusion states a better scientific understanding of what authentic leadership is and how it is incorporated is clearly stated in the material.

Warrick, D.D. (2011). The Urgent Need for Skilled Transformational leaders: Integrating Transformational Leadership and Organization Development. Journal of Leadership Accountability & Ethics, (8)5, 11-26.

This article attempts to help the reader understand the importance of transformational leadership, how it is obtained, it’s integration and the positive impacts. The article gives clear guidelines for developing these types of leaders. Once an organization makes a commitment to this type of leadership the benefits are tremendous. The recommended guidelines are concise and the rationales are relevant. The target audience is for upper management. It is relevant because it will help companies train their employees as skilled transformational leaders. By identifying the dimensions of transformational leadership and outlining the three step

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