Patient Controlled Analgesia Case Study Essay

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Transition Preparation
During this time, it is crucial to make sure that Mrs. Audrey’s required documents along with the investigation results are handed over to the theatre nurse. It is also essential to communicate regarding any incomplete task that has not been done according to the checklist. In addition, provide information about Mrs. Audrey being allergic to Bactrim to the theatre nurse.
At 2000hrs, when Mrs. Audrey returns from the theatre, assessment of observations, neurovascular (pulse, motor strength, temperature, sensation and movement), neurological should be conducted to prevent any further complications postoperatively according to the hospital protocol (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2010). Along with this, a quick physical examination could be done to detect any potential problems.

Mrs. Audrey should be provided a maximum level of comfort which can be done by making her pain free. Therefore, a proper assessment is essential to manage postoperative pain. A study by Ramsay (2000) suggests that inadequate management of pain could increase the morbidity as well as mortality rate. Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) is typically provided to a patient who is
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It is crucial for nurses to make a significant contribution to Mrs. Audrey by providing her sufficient information prior to sending to fast track rehabilitation program. Discharge summary should be provided which should include the details of Mrs. Audrey’s medical condition, medications as well as her current condition. Factors such as Mrs. Audrey’s age, unpractical home environment, Rufus, lack of support from family all contributed to a fast track rehabilitation setting instead of home directly. As scheduled, Mrs. Audrey should be provided with all the information regarding the rehabilitation therapy and purpose of

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