Arguments Against Mock Congress

For Mock Congress, I had to do Bills Five. Bill Five was a bill to incentivize voting. This bill said that everyone who votes should get a certain amount of tax credit. The idea of the bill was that if you give people an incentive, more people would vote. Being a Democrat, I was assigned to create a speech against this bill. One of the main points I made during my speech was the quality of the voters would drop (Shineman). This is not saying that certain people should not vote based on class, race, gender, or any other defining characteristic, though. This just means that the people who would vote just to get the money would be on average less informed than voters in the past. People who are uninformed about the potential presidents of our great nation will believe whatever the media says about them, and as most everyone in the United States knows, the media is full of half-truths and ,rarely, outright lies. One example of this was during the 2012 election. Someone said that Barack Obama was not a natural-born citizen of the United States and therefore, could not be considered for presidency. Because of this false rumour, many people did not trust Barack Obama during his campaign (Weigel). Rumours like this could make a ginormous difference in a close campaign. People who are …show more content…
I think that it is a very inefficient way to run our government. At least in our Mock Congress, the Republicans voted for the Republican bills, and the Democrats voted for the Democratic bills. If you wanted a member from the other party to vote for you, you had to either trick them or bribe them, and that is not how our government should be ran. This was both an unnecessary obstacle and a frustration for me. I was surprised to see some members who voted for individual bills instead of just for their party, though. These are just my own views of the process Congress goes through to pass a

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