Mobile Dating And Its Effect On Face Essay

1323 Words Sep 14th, 2016 6 Pages
The increase in technology is leading to a decrease in face-to-face communication. Many individuals are hoping that one day they will find their so called “true love”. When there are websites like Tinder, Grinder, Blender, OkCupid Locals, and Hinge one would think it would be effortless to find their true love. However, with the introduction of mobile dating, the game is starting to change. Mobile dating is turning romance into hookups, changing what individuals look for in a person, while adding false advertisement within communication, and enhancing GPS tracking for hookups.
Mobile dating is crushing the existence of what romance used to be. Mobile dating is making it easier for individuals to find one another, but for a completely different reason. It is as easy as swiping left to reject or swiping right to show an interest in someone. As of now, people are no longer looking for a relationship, just casual hookups from time to time. Jennifer Bleyer, an editor at Psychology Today says, “In the beginning there was online dating, with carefully curated profiles detailing everything from education level to favorite movies and providing earnest answers to questions like ‘What’s the first thing people notice about you?’” (174). Online dating focuses on personality and common interests while mobile dating focuses more on looks and location. Individuals have consumed more of their time on mobile dating apps than dating websites since 2011 (Bleyer 175). As users spend more time on…

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