Essay about Mkt 421 Defining Marketing

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Defining Marketing Paper

Marketing 421

Defining Marketing Paper

To answer the premise of the paper, ‘Defining Marketing’ a definition of marketing is a proper beginning for consideration. My personal definition of marketing is the concept or premise of a function in which products, goods or services are transferred to a consumer or client by a producer or seller. Other definitions exist to describe marketing aside from the prior definition. Marketing has been described as, “A management process identifying, anticipating and supplying client or consumer requirements with efficiency and profitability.” (Tutor2U, 2010) In that same article marketing is described as “human activities that are directed at facilitating and
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A company with a marketing business plan considers the key stakeholders, communication channels, the business environment and, core corporate competencies. Using the company brand is a leverage to be used to its full potential. Marketing can assist in developing new consumer channels, products or services that can grow the company or organization and make a sustainable difference in industry trends. The marketing business strategy should include ideas on obtaining new clients, retaining current clients or customers, brand management and tactical to promote sales of the company’s products and services. As a business tool or foundation, marketing uses strategic tactics designed to identify the appropriate market and time for implementation and will impact the organization success of a company. Verizon Communications is a favorite in the telecommunication industry and one of the most powerful national companies in the specialty. Verizon uses new technology recently developed and follows through by introducing the advances to a competing industry. Through research and marketing, Verizon has found what telecommunication technology works and has become very proud of starting a major transformation in the wireless world. As an innovator, Verizon is a industry leader in providing information

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