Hostgeeks Swot Analysis

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3. Hosting Services
As we are all aware, in part due to the extensive advertising and affiliate campaigns, there is an astounding number of hosting services that are vying for a cut of your money. However, it is important that you are not misled by marketing and advertising tactics.
Below is a list of popular hosting services which have their marketing fluff stripped away to present you with their core features presented in a clear way to help you with your decision -
3.1. HostGator
HostGator is not a new entrant in the hosting market and has a significant market share in terms of clients serviced. An approximate released by HostGator, way back in late 2009, was a whopping 200,000 web hosting clients using their services.
Although they offer
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3.6. GreenGeeks
Although GreenGeeks is widely recognized for economical and profitable reseller hosting plans, their shared hosting plans do not disappoint with an array of features aimed at assisting your business.
They prefer to keep it simple with a single shared hosting plan for all customers that offers great features such as, daily backups, secure email accounts, marketing and SEO tools, free website migration services and an amazing 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Priced at $3.96/month if you pay for 3 years of hosting, with a renewal price of $9.95/month, is perfect considering all the features that they offer.
4. Conclusion
Clearly, selecting the best shared hosting plan for your business is not a straightforward task by any means and must not be taken lightly. A wrong decision in this integral department might lead to catastrophically huge problems in the future, either financial or functional. Hence, ensure that you screen every host and assess their ability to provide the features that your business absolutely requires while ignoring the features that are of little to no use to you. Additionally, do not fall prey to ‘special pricing’ which display attractive rates in order to rope you into their service and then charge much higher amounts in the

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