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MKC1 Study Plan

Analyzing the Environment-Ch. 2
1. What different levels of planning can organizations utilize?
Organizations can utilize the following levels of planning; corporate level, business level, and functional level.
2. Give an example of and explain how a corporation that wants to help protect the environment can do so at its corporate, business, and functional levels.
An example of a corporation wanting to help protect the environment while utilizing the following levels; corporate, business, and functional level would be the following. Pepsi Co has embraced this procedure in the past. The business level consists of identifying the business units. Pepsi Beverages which contain Pepsi Soft Drinks, Aquafina Waters,
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Government and nonprofit organizations contribute to the technological environment by going green. The usage of special equipment and or procedures allows for a more managed environment. The high security levels that many of these facilities have also help with this process.
13. What is an example of a new technology making an older technology obsolete?
An example of a new technology making and older technology obsolete are computers versus type writers.
14. How does the internet impact each element of Porter’s Five Forces Model?
The internet is a key player in competition which is what is discussed in the Porter’s Five Forces Model. Competitors can use the internet for a multitude of things such as research, new marketing strategies, booking and payments online, and or internet usage as an amenity. These are just a few ideas; the list goes on and on.

Product Strategy-Ch. 6
1. What is the difference between marketing a good and service?
Marketing a good is essentially trying to sell a tangible item. A service is the sale of an intangible item such as a massage, something that gives pleasure or is beneficial, but is not tangible.
2. What is the difference between a product line and the product mix?
A product line is a group of offerings that serve similar needs and are sold under the same name such as Campbell’s Soup. Campbell’s Condensed Soup has a red label and Campbell’s

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