Mission, Vision And Values Essay

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Mission, Vision and Values

I have worked for TriHealth for over five years as a Registered Nurse. TriHealth is a health care system consisting of two hospitals, several emergency facilities, primary care offices, and a rehabilitation unit that spans the greater Cincinnati area. In that time, I have seen our organization apply for and gain magnet recognition, transition from paper charting to electronic medical records, and change several policies on my unit based on evidence-based research and the input of our shared leadership committee (SLC). Our policies and changes in our culture over the years have been attempts to more reflect the TriHealth mission.

According to the TriHealth website (2016), our mission is to improve the health status of the community by providing prevention, wellness, and education based on 6 core values: respect for all people, stewardship and environmental commitment, service excellence, response to community needs, respect for spiritual heritage, and valuing differences and diversity. The vision is to be where nurses and physicians desire to practice and to be where the community feels confident in receiving the highest quality care.

The SLC on which I have participated for four years has been responsible for implementing change on our unit for the benefit of the patients and the staff. We have studied the need for vascular access ports to be heparinized prior to de-accessing. Our unit wants to execute the most current evidence-based…

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