Mission Statement : The Transformational Leadership Theory

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Program’s Mission Statement
Mission Statement
“Time-Out’s mission is to empower student-athletes to be successful adults. Time-Out is committed to providing prevention and support services that will prepare them to be self-sufficient adults.”
Rationale to Create a Supporting Culture
To create a culture that supports the program’s mission, this student looks to rely on the transformational leadership theory. The transformational leadership theory is the positive impact a leader has on those they supervise and methods used to achieve optimistic outcomes (YuKi, 1999). The transformational leader builds a rapport with those they supervise by building trust, respect and the ability to motivate others, thus leading to Organizational Citizenship Behavior (1999). Organizational Citizenship Behavior are employees who are happy to be working for the organization, encouraging positive morale, participating in activities, and practicing good work ethics (Calley, 2011). To create a culture that supports the program’s mission statement a transformational leader will require an environment that makes employees comfortable enough to voice ideas and concerns. This environment will lead to a trusting and valued relationship within organizational infrastructure. A transformational leader should view employees as teammates and not just subordinates. Transformational leadership skills make use of the employee’s skills to meet the program goals and support the mission statement

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