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How to Improve Higher Education
Dr. Muhammad Saleem* Abstract:
This brief presentation consists of two parts. In part – I attempt has been made to diagnose the ailment and identify the causes that pushed us to the back – benches of human civilization and virtually wiped us out of the intellectual map of the world. In Part – II we have ventured to suggest some remedial measures following which we may be able to leap forward and reclaim our lost glory and respectable place in the comity of nations.

Of late, we ran into one of the most disturbing and distressing report concerning the state of education and research in the Muslim world visà-vis the Judao-Christian world. For instance, it was reported that the Jewish population around the
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Given the above stated sad situation, we will be well-advised to revisit our dreams concerning the resurgence of the Muslim Ummah. Now the question is: Can we improve the quality of our higher education and find a respectable place in the comity of nations? Before we come to address this question, it seems appropriate to refer to some other pertinent points that may help us to put things in proper perspective. To begin with, we would like to emphasize that according to Islam man is the vicegerent of God in this universe. In order to enable him to fulfill his duties, God Almighty has endowed him with the potentiality for knowledge. Now knowledge is of two kinds, that is, i). Ilm-ul-Asma; & ii). Ilm-ul-Hudaya. For acquisitional knowledge (or Ilm-ul-Asma) God has laid into human constitution, the requisite faculties, such as, eyes, ears, head and heart. Knowledge of phenomenal world (i. e. Scientific Knowledge) is acquired through these faculties. Second form of knowledge (i.e., Ilm-ul-Hudaya or revelational Knowledge) is passed on to humankind by God Almighty thro, the agency of His chosen Prophets (PBUT). This form of knowledge gives us “Guidance”, wisdom (Hikmat) and values. Islam recommends that knowledge (or power) attained thro, science (or the exploration of the phenomenal world) should be

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