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| Breakfast | Break | lunch | 3.45pm | Evening meal | supper | Calories | M | Brown Bread and scrambled egg and coffee | | White Rice with chicken curry and salad on the side. | Banana milkshake2 strip of Chewing gum | 1 Cod fish, French fries and 4 sausages | Coffee | 1666 | T | Kit Kat bar and boost energy drink | 1 Crisp and smoothie | chicken and chips | | Arabic food from the take away/Arabic rice, chicken pasta ,salad | Chocolate trifle | | W | Kiwi smoothie and 5 chocolate biscuits | | | Fish Burger with French fries | 1 Nan bread with chicken tikka | Carrot cake with custard | | T | Cereal with milk | | Rice with smoked salmon fish and a can of coke drink | | Rice and chicken curry and drank 3 …show more content…
This is 12 percent of the daily value for protein. Consuming scrambled egg provides me with the vitamins that I need. Brown bread is really good because brown Bread that is made with whole meal flour gives me with all the goodness of the whole grain in a way that white bread doesn't. The fiber in whole meal bread also helps fill me up so that l feels fuller. As my aim is to try and lose weight, I know that brown bread is the best option for me.
At lunch time I have eaten white rice with chicken curry .I know that eating white rice I am getting 242 calories, I intake 18 percent of the recommended daily intake for carbohydrates which is about 53 grams of carbs and I am getting less than 0.5 gram of fat and it has 4 grams of protein . In the chicken curry there is about 219 calories for per serving, the chicken curry has 8.6g of fat, and 6.11g of carbs however the overall intake of the protein is 14.8g this shows how much nutrients I have eaten just in a chicken curry. At 3.45pm I just have a snack, I have a glass of ready-made banana milk shake. In the milkshake there is 128 calories for 1 serving and it has 24.2g of carbohydrates which is about 8%. I drank banana milk shake because it is low in saturated fat and low in cholesterol. I also had two strips of chewing gum during the day, I know that chewing gum is very unhealthy, each chewing gum

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