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ATS Arrow Training Services

Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol - NSW - Correspondence Assessment


Assessment for jhonatan valencia
Reference #TFLZRQ23YT


Dear jhonatan,

Welcome to your correspondence course assessment.

This assessment document has been specifically customised and linked to your student training record. Therefore this document should not be shared with anyone else. If there are multiple people undertaking the training, then each person should work off their own assessment document. For help with managing teams, please contact support who will be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for choosing to train by correspondence with us!

Kind regards,

The ATS Arrow Training
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| |The Liquor Act 2007 and the Liquor Regulation 2008. |
| |The Responsible Service of Liquor Act 2014. |
| |The Queensland Liquor Act 1992. |
| |The Liquor Control Act 2012. |

Question 2: OLGR administer the Liquor Act 2007 in NSW, what do the letters OLGR stand for?

Please type your answers into the box below.

|Office of liquor, gaming and racing |

Question 3: How many venues are licensed to sell liquor in NSW?

Tick one (1) correct answer from the list below.

| |Less than 10,000 |
| |More than 20,000 |
| |More than 18,000 |
| |More than

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