Misconceptions About Pit Bull Terriers Essay

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Misconceptions about Pit Bull Terriers
CM 220
Sean Jolley
May 16, 2013
Kaplan University

It is better to understand the breed and where they come from before making assumptions about the type of animal they are. The Europeans wanted a stout muscular breed that had feistiness to it that they could use for baiting or rat fights (pitbull411.com). Yes, it is true that the breed started off as a fighting dog that was used to bait bulls that were uncontrollable by their owners. But when Europeans migrated to the United States they brought their dogs with them and the breed took on a new job. Although in present times the breed has been adopted by gangs for the use of fighting other dogs for monies and the protection of their owners, the
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“The temperament of the Doberman has undergone some changes since Dobermann developed his companion guard. In the Germany of his time, a tough and aggressive dog was desired, and it was understood that a dog in a fenced yard was a message that you were not expected to enter unless invited. The first dogs imported from Germany were much sharper in temperament than Americans were used to, and the Doberman earned a reputation as a vicious dog likely to bite. Movies and television portrayed the breed in savage guard-dog roles. Even after some judicious breeding by Americans who softened the breed's temperament, the generally non-dog-savvy public fears the breed because of these stereotypes.” (Horan, Stephanie, 2011, pg.29-30). The same stereotypes that humans have about the Pit Bull Terrier are the same that they still have about the Doberman pinscher. Yet the media does not exploit the Doberman pinscher like they do the Pit Bull Terrier! Why, because the Doberman pinscher has been trained for obedience and has been accepted by the American Kennel Club as a great breed of dog. Here are some statistics on dog breeds from the American Temperament Test Society (atts.org): Tested Passed Failed Percentage 1. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER 129 117 12 90.7% 2. SIBERIAN HUSKY 299 260 39 87.0% 3.

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