Essay On Mindmap Analysis

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Describe using a SWOT or Mindmapping analysis as part of the strategic planning process. How does this complement success in project selection? Well I have read at many theoretical forms that strategic management is also a form of fiction. If we are using SWOT analysis as a part of our strategic planning then we must be able to understand our strengths and weaknesses as well as we are also able to locate new opportunities and threats in the market. If SWOT can be placed first in our business or project then it really complements toward project and business success as it really helped in un covering opportunities that can be well-placed in response to our strengths and also we can uncover various threats that can be dreadful in presence of our weaknesses (Zack, 2002). SWOT can not only be used in case of efforts to solutions of various problems but it can also be tactful technique to be used for the decision making when we are going to decide for the best suitable path for the project initiatives and also determining where the change can be possible to drive projects in a way to success. Similarly, mind mapping is also a powerful tool for strategic planning as well …show more content…
But first we must know that who are the stakeholders? Stakeholders are the individuals who not only care about but also have a vested interest in our project but they are the people who are also actively involved with the project work and also have something to gain or lose as a final result of the project (Cleland, 1986). When we manage any project like adding lanes to any highway, then in this case motorists are the stakeholders who are positively affected. However, we may be negatively affecting the residents living near the highway during our project (with the construction noise) and after our project with far-reaching implications (like increased traffic noise and

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