Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of International Bank

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SWOT Analysis of two banks

SWOT analysis is a list of the business greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Conduct SWOT analysis of the business that will not take a lot of time, doing it forces you to think about your business in new way.

My duty in this TMA doing SWOT analysis between the two banks, one of which is a national bank headquartered in Oman named Bank Muscat and the other is appointed by us international Bank ICICI is located in India with more than 19 office worldwide.

strength point:

With assets worth more than $ 27 billion, Bank Muscat leading financial services in Oman with a strong presence in corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, Islamic banking services, treasury, private banking and asset management. The bank has the largest distribution network of 149,645 ATMs and cash deposit machines device and more than 10,000 POS terminals. International Operations Branch consists
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Protests continued in Bahrain. (2) Add on the faces of some of the threats from abroad. One of them is an environment pests unstable and constantly changing. It has to adapt itself to the changes to the rules of conduct and regulations. Last but not least; have to deal with the increasing business costs of salaries and other.

In conclusion, Bank Muscat is the best business to invest in. Apart from the SWOT analysis, there are pests that affect it factors. One of the political factors are Omanisation and employment goals. It can be seen as increased competition from other banks and social factor. Finally, change the technology developed for one more progress has effects on many companies including Bank Muscat.

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