Analysis Of Working With Millennials Can Be A Challenge By Simon Sinek

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In the interview titled “Working with Millennials can be a Challenge,” Simon Sinek uses his witty humor to explain what is wrong with the millennial generation. Sinek explains that “by no fault of their one they have been dealt a bad hand,” when it comes to preparing them for a productive life. He illustrates his points by breaking down what is wrong in four points. While using witty humor and logos. Sinek’s first point is failed parenting strategies like telling children they are special, that they can have anything they want just because they want it, letting children get advantages not because they deserve it but because their parents got it for then, and even getting participation medals even though they did win. He says that all these example have led kids to have false expectations of the real world. His next point is technology. Sinek states that the world of social media has become a mask millennials hide behind. He explains how addictive technology and social media is and how it effects everyone. Sinek covers how millennials are using these as a crutch like someone would use smoking, drinking, or gambling. He says that social media introduce as a teen is where they are most susceptible to the effects of dopamine. Sinek believes …show more content…
Sinek said millennials can have anything they want instantly except job satisfaction and strength of relationships. So millennials are doomed without help, Sinek would lead you to believe, but no he has answer to that. Senik’s last point is environment meaning the workplace. In a corporate environment millennials are being cast aside because corporations care more about the numbers and the short term gain then the lifetime of the millennial. I think Sinek’s view has been a serious issue that has been previously ignored. I believe Sinek has the right idea to help and that would be to help them in the last place we can the

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