Military Robots Disadvantages

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Many people may wonder what are the advantages and disadvantages of the military robot? From my research i have discovered that there a lot of advantages for military robots. One of the advantages is that these robots can save several human’s lives. There are a several different types of robots that can be used to do many different tasks. Robots can be used in areas such as military, space, surgical field exploration, deep sea exploration, dangerous material handling, agriculture, and advanced manufacturing. Robots, with their various uses and importance in today’s society, will change our lives in the future. Robots are just very helpful especially in the dangerous areas. To begin with, different robots are used in the military, and they …show more content…
The second impact that military robots do is that these robots involve certain potential risks, which for examples “military robots uses drones to fly and locate terrorists. If these drones are caught by terrorists, they can give out vital information. The advantages of the military robots is that they have the capability to perform missions remotely in the field, the second advantage is that they have capability to perform a safety mission but it’s all goes to the one who’s in control, if he did it safely or not. But military robots don’t have any danger towards human lives, and they provide the element of protection. “The information on the development of military robots also reveals that US scientist at MIT is further looking to make a mechanical super-fighter, which has the ability to heal its own wounds, leap buildings, deflect bullets and even become invisible” (Council 2012). The technology of the military, which is robots, have changed the rules of …show more content…
The ROV is often remote-controlled spacecraft that remains in flight. It can also be a lander that produces contact with an extraterrestrial body and operates from a stationary position, or a rover that can move over terrain once it is landed. According to the same article by Jerry Woodfill” The most common type of existing robotic device is the crane-like RMS (Remote Manipulator System), or robot arm, most often used in industry and manufacturing.” It can do a lot of the movements of the human arm; it can do a 360-degree circular motion at the

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