Military Personnel Office Ka 's Speaking Essay

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"Civilian Personnel Office Ka 's speaking can I help you?" Ka answered the phone.
After the conversation, Mr. Johnson, Ka 's boss at the CPO, who sat behind him on a big swiveling chair, asked him who was calling?
"The MPs"
"What about?"
"They need an interpreter to talk to their housemaid."
"Oh, must be some domestic violence." Mr. Johnson said." I 'll send Minh over to help them."
"They asked specifically for me. Can I go, Mr. Johnson?" "Have you finished all the personnel files that we had recruited this morning?" "Yeah, almost done. Minh & Hoa can finish the rest, I already showed them."
Mr. Johnson stoop up from his chair and walked toward Minh 's desk an asked if he could finish the files before noon.
"Yes sir"
"How about you, Hoa?" Mr. Johnson turned to Hoa and asked.
"No Problem. We 'll get these done before lunch time, Sir."
"Looking good. Ka, You may go now. Be back as soon as you 're done over there."
"Remember to take your salt tablet before you go."
"Thanks, I almost forget."
The moment Ka stepped out of the CPO office and beyond the reach of the two large oscillating fans, he was at the mercy of the fierce Cam Ranh sun - at noontime.
Ka had been working at Cam Ranh Air Base for almost ten months now. In two more months, when we will be twenty, the South Vietnam draft-age, he had to go back to Dalat to apply for draft deferment.
Ma was the first one to work in Cam Ranh. After knowing that there are several job openings for interpreters, he sent…

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