Microwave Popcorn Lab Report

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Does storing microwave popcorn at cooler temperatures affect the number of unpopped kernels?

A. Project Design Plan
Typically, it is best to store food products at cooler temperatures to prolong its freshness. However, the GardenGuides.com site warns that freezing popcorn dries it out, and the kernels will not pop (Candela).

Problem statement: Does the storage temperature of microwave popcorn affect the number of unpopped kernels left in the bag after cooking it in a microwave? Decreasing the temperature of microwave popcorn could result in fewer kernels popped. Therefore, this experiment will inform anyone that eats microwave popcorn at which temperature to store it to achieve the best results.

A1. Literature Review
Starting in 1945 when
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Appropriate Methods
The vast difference between the bag stored at 5 degrees Fahrenheit versus the bag stored at 69.6 degrees Fahrenheit verifies how the storage temperature affected the popcorn. Therefore, it appears the three different storage temperatures selected for this experiment were appropriate in detecting its effects on the popcorn. Furthermore, if the refrigerated bag had been stored for a more extended period would it have had similar results to the freezer stored bag.

C. Results The graph above has shown that storing popcorn at colder temperatures will result in an increased number of unpopped kernels. For instance, the bag stored at 5 degrees Fahrenheit produced a total of twenty-three unpopped kernels, whereas the bag stored at 69.6 degrees resulted in only six unpopped kernels.

D. Conclusion
D1. Confirmation of Hypothesis
The results of this experiment confirm the hypothesis that colder storage temperatures affect the popcorn kernels hindering their ability to pop. However, it is apparent that storing microwave popcorn at room temperature produces the best results as more popcorn pops.
D2. Experimental Design as a Key
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Whereas, testing a single independent variable is paramount when designing an experiment. Furthermore, when more than one independent variable is altered between test groups during an experiment, it will be impossible to know how these changes affect the measurements of the experiment. Also, any random influences on the experiment cannot be allowed, or the results of the experiment are considered unreliable. The design of an experiment must have a distinct, objective way to measure how the change to an independent variable affect the experiment. Also, it must be possible to determine how reliable the outcome of the results are, and this will be based on how well each variable is controlled.

D3. Replication
To replicate this experiment, it is necessary to abide by the cooking instructions provided on the microwave popcorn bag. Additionally, it is essential to store the popcorn bags for three days so that all popcorn kernels have time to reach the desired temperature. Furthermore, it is vital that the bags be scanned with an infrared thermometer to verify the desired temperatures have been reached. Likewise, when scooping the popcorn from the bowl, it is easier just to use a hand. Whereas pouring the popcorn from the bowl would result in some of the unpopped kernels dropping into the Ziploc bag.

D3a. Evaluation of

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