How Cereal Get Soggy?

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How does cereal get soggy? Thousands of people around the world eat cereal with milk everyday. People eat cereal in the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon for lunch, and at night for dinner. Many people love cereal and eat the product all day long.

How is cereal made? Grain is often cleaned and crushed. Then pressure cooked. The result is mushy and soft that can be shaped into a loop or a circle.

Flaked cereal is flattened and quickly toasted. Shredded cereal grains are cooked, cooled, and rolled. The shredded cereal is rolled between one flat and one grooved roller. The rollers shred the dough into long threads.

What causes cereal to get soggy? When you pour the cereal into the bowl the product is dry, brittle, and very easy to
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The weight of a single piece of cereal also creates a curve in the surface under that piece of cereal. When another piece of cereal comes by, both of the pieces will try to travel up on both curves. Then they stick together.

What is cereal made with? Cereal is made with flakes, corn, wheat, oats, or rice. Cereal is a thin baked dough. Cereal is crunchy and easy to break. Flakes, corn, wheat, oats, or rice are broken down into tiny grains or shreds. Then the pieces are cooked, rolled, and molded. After that flavor is put into the pieces.

What are some of the flavors that are in cereal? Some cereals are made with natural flavors. Those are made with fruit and granola. Another thing that is in cereal is syrup. Syrup is put into cereal to make the meal taste better. Sugar is also put into cereal. Sugar is supposed to make the meal more sweet and not plain.

What makes cereal float? Buoyancy determines whether an object in a liquid or an object surrounded by air will sink, float, or stay put. If an object is less dense than the liquid that object is in or the air surrounding that objet than that thing will float. This is why cereal floats. If the object is denser than the liquid that thing is in or the air surrounding that thing than that thing will
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This science experiment shows that Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal gets soggy the fastest. Frosted Flakes cereal gets soggy the second fastest. Fruit Loops does not get soggy fast so that cereal gets soggy the last.

After one minute the Fruit Loops are squishy on the outside and still firm on the inside. After four minutes the product is still kind of soft but still pretty firm. After 5 minutes and thirty seconds the cereal is soft and easy to break. Six minutes and twenty five seconds go by and the cereal is still soft. Six minutes and forty seconds go by and the cereal is still soft but not fully soggy yet. After seven minutes the Fruit Loops are finally soggy. This shows that this cereal does not get soggy that fast.

One minute goes by and the Frosted Flakes are still pretty stiff. After four minutes the cereal is getting softer. After five minutes and thirty seconds the cereal is soft and easy to smoosh. Six minutes and twenty five seconds go by and the product is really soft. After six minutes and forty seconds the Frosted Flakes are soggy. This demonstrates that this type of cereal does not get soggy as fast as Cinnamon Toast Crunch

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