Microsft Success Story Essay

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Microsft Success Story – Satya Nadella as CEO
Microsoft Corporation is one of the giant in software industry with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Bill gates and Paul Allen are the core founders of Microsoft Corporation. The company manufactures, develops, licenses, supports and services. The major part of business involves computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics. The best and well known products of the company are the Microsoft Windows line of Operating Systems (OS), the Microsoft Office suite (Office), and the Internet Explorer (IE) as web browsers. The hardware division flagship products are the Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablet. Steve Ballmer set a high revenue year in 2013 but the stock
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Nokia new CEO, Stephen Elop decided to abandon the OS and want to focus on Windows mobile platform. He positioned Nokia devices in a different way to take over or accept by the Windows OS. Satya Nadella in need of changes their businesses with his new vision “Mobile-first and Cloud-first world” because the modern world is moving towards mobile technologies. The business is weaker and fading on their desktop markets. “Windows and Office suite” which are considered as Microsoft flagship products are also in limited long run. The acquisiton of Nokia Devices and Services business will enable Microsoft to accelerate its share of smartphones and feature phones in developed and emerging markets, and increase its role as a devices and services company. Stephen Elop, former Nokia CEO and now executive vice president of the Devices Group at Microsoft, said “The opportunity for Microsoft to be both a devices and services company, so that it can deliver the complete proposition to its consumers”. “Nokia certainly has a tremendous depth of experience in the design, the manufacturing and delivery of devices”. “Nokia over the years has literally delivered billions of …show more content…
His personality traits are matched with his recent implementations and achievements in the recent days on Microsoft‘s company culture. Microsoft integration of Nokia devices and services in Windows platform is a good strategy. Satya Nadella built a much more collaborative culture with reorganisation is the company’s road to recovery in international business. Even though company suffers too much complexity, the types of decision made by Satya Nadella truly paved a way of success and shape him as a legacy CEO. “Innovation” the only mantra for success truly worked on Microsoft case. He made people believe in innovation and also the future of Microsoft that Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer missed during their period. His achievement is not limited to innovation but on learning, executing, team building, clear thoughts, pure vision and mission with highly blended leadership qualities. Satya Nadella shines as leader among Microsoft community and in the market with the share price hits of almost 3 times bigger during the last few years of his CEO career. He is truly an inspirational business

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