Michael Jordan Basketball Dream Analysis

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Basketball Dream
Hong Kong Basketball league is an amateur level nowadays. The fact is much of teenager full passion on basketball play. But there is lack of chance in this basketball desert to show off their own technique. Michael Jordan is a typical legend player. He is a real model for people who love basketball much.
Durant’s basketball technique can compare with some Hong Kong league player and he hope he can be part of the legend. His hair is just like a blue wave which his jump shoot score in as a curve shape. Point guard is the main score position in the team. They just like a magician who control the game rhythm correctly. That’s what the Durant play in the team.
‘The last forty seconds, Blue Ray is leading four marks toward to
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‘Smith, hold your position and protect the rebounds. Durant, uses the pick and roll tactical after timeout.’ The coach of Basketball Dream speaks strictly. The match starts again, the enemy mark all the players. No any space for Durant to pass the ball. In the recent time, Smith block off the enemy and Durant go through the only space. Smith moves back quickly. Durant pass the ball to him. Smith avoid the enemy to jump shot. ‘Smith, for two…! The score is 52 – 50. Not much time lefts. What happens in the following seconds...?’ Narrator wakes up the ground …show more content…
While the fourth quarter come, Basketball Dream is leading one point only. The score is 41 – 40. Dragon River has chance to attack. Rose fast dribbling as fast to Durant. Durant try to steal the ball but Rose pump fake to him and lay up quickly. The referee do an ‘in’ gesture. Dragon River is leading back the score.
In the last sixty-second, Basketball Dream is losing five point. Their coach calls a timeout. “Wake up team. Remember what we want.” The coach said angrily. ‘Yes, don’t afraid the enemy. I believe our teamwork is better than the opponent.’ Smith replied. ‘I’ve told you guys a million times to defend the position!’ Durant speaks loudly.
‘Basketball boys, remember your dream!’ The cheers team encourage the team.
The match starts again. Durant roll the ball and protect the ball to avoid Rose defense. He try lay-up shot but missed. Smith get the offensive rebounds, and Smith pull the ball back to the basket immediately. Basketball Dream is losing three point although the attack success.
Rose get the last chance to attack. He passes the ball, then run to the empty area. Durant defense against Rose to stop the attack. Rose receive the pass and he alley-oop to the teammate. But his teammate missed the shot. ‘Quick, fight back.’ Durant prompt the

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